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something new this time…Last Wednesday, when I was scrolling through my reader on WordPress I stumbled on a post I never not noticed before: What I’m Watching Wednesday. I watch quite a few series, and at some point I considered writing reviews for each episode, but this would mean up to 3 reviews a day which is quite impossible. This idea seems to be a good compromise though. The inspiration is from Linda @ Linda’s Little Library. I don’t know if she came up with it or if it is something more widespread among bloggers and I’m completely oblivious, but as I got it from her, I thought it only appropriate to tag her. Definitely go check out her blog! I noticed she ordered it by day, which I’m not gonna do as I quite frankly don’t remember what I saw on what day so I’ll order it by series. Here it goes, and I hope you enjoy it 🙂

1. Drop Dead Diva

I absolutely loved this serie and am sad I already finished it (it only took me about a month…). I quite haphazardly stumbled on it through my recordings of the serie Reign. After watching my dose of 16th century royal drama, I decided to watch the show that  came afterwards. You can’t imagine how confused I was (especially as it was a random episode in the middle of the story line and couldn’t even watch the whole episode), and after a quick Wikipedia search I absolutely fell in love with the idea and binge-watched the entire show. I loved it! It was exactly the right amount of drama, comedy and lightheartedness. The only thing that bugged me a bit was the actor who played Ian Holt, the resurrected Grayson. I know it’s not easy to jump in for another actor and play the character they have portrayed for 6 seasons, but I still feel like he could have done a better job… And I wish we had seen Stacy and Owen’s babies (and that they were named Deb and Grayson)…

2. Supernatural

After binge-watching Drop Dead Diva and House, M.D. before that, it was time to catch up on my regular series, beginning with the Winshester Brothers.

13×10 “Wayward Sisters”: I loved this episode and seeing how the girls are doing in this world full of monsters. This episode is supposed to be the beginning of a new spin-off, and although I was initially not very optimistic, now, I can’t wait. If this get’s cancelled I’m gonna kill someone…

13×11 “Breakdown”: the idea of a black market for human body parts sold to monsters as their lunch is really fucked up…Really loved this episode and the “bad guys” were not who I expected.

13×12 “Various & Sundry Villains”: ROWENA IS BACK!! Seeing Dean fall for a love spell was funny. Overall, the episode was enjoyable, but I’m especially happy to see Rowena again…still hoping Crowley will reappear as well. I mean, with this alternate universe, it might be possible…right?…Right??!!

13×13 “Devil’s Bargain”: Angels are jerks!!! Did absolutely not see the ending coming…

13×14 “Good Intentions”: Finally we’re back in the Apocalyps World! So happy to see Bobby Singer again. Wondering how it’s going to play out and if Jack will succeed…

13×15 “A Most Holy Man”: interesting to see the Winchester brothers in a new world, the dark world of art thieves. Nice episode with some unexpected turns.

13×16 “Scoobynatural”: OH MY GOD!!! This episode was hilarious. I absolutely loved it. The only supernatural episode where I laughed even more than this one is the episode “Yellow Fever” (season 4), in which Dean is scared of everything…

That’s it for Supernatural. I just heard as well that it has been renewed for a 14th season. To be honest, I don’t know how I feel about that. I love Supernatural, and contrary to most people I actually enjoy the later seasons more that the first, but they are going to have to end it at some point and I’m wondering if we haven’t seen it all by now…

3. Once Upon a Time

I honestly believe, they should have stopped after S6, but I do like how they change and mix up the stories in this one. Seriously, Rapunzel is Lady Tremaine…Hook has a kid with Mother Gothel and that girl is Alice, as in Alice in Wonderland. I love how creative they are with the stories.

7×7 “Eloise Gardener”: the start of my general WTF feeling. I loved to learn about Nook’s backstory…and how unexpected…

7×8 “Pretty in Blue”: Oh my god, it’s Jackson from The Originals!!! I was so sad when he died. They really made a few changes to the original Cinderella story…Now I just keep wondering…Who is Ella’s father. I mean that is why she tried to kill the prince, because he killed her father. So who was he???

7×9 “One Little Tear”: and there is the astonishment again…seriously, how do they even come up with these stories…

7×10 “The Eight Witch”: Zelena is back! And her daughter is 25!! How time flies by. It was weird to see Zelena on a quaint little farm though. Never imagined the Wicked Witch settle down like this.

7×11 “Secret Garden”: Victoria finding her inner Rapunzel back. This episode confirms what this series is all about. The bad guys have a past and nothing is black and white.

7×12 “A Taste of the Heights”: Woohoo, finally, Prince Naveen is here. Then dissapointment. He has all the arrogance, without the charm of the animated Naveen. And then came that WTF-feeling again. Wait…are Naveen and Dr. Facilier….brothers….???!!!!

7×13 “Knightfall”: okay, seriously Gothel…why come between Hook and your daughter when you don’t even care for her…or are you jealous?? It’s nice to see, that contrary the breaking of the first curse, only some people wake-up while the rest are still oblivious.

7×14 “The Girl in the Tower”: I do not trust Samdi..Lovely to see the relationship between Robin and Alice grow. And who is the mysterious Candy Killer??

7×15 “Sisterhood”: Gretel as a witch? Seriously? I think that one went to far for me. Drizella and Anastasia go home and the Candy killer is revealed!! Feeling conflicted, because essentially he’s only killing bad guys, so is he a bad guy himself? Gives me a Dexter vibe.

4. Arrow

Watched one episode of Arrow.  To be honest, it’s starting to feel more like a duty to watch. And seriously, I was so happy Laurel was death. And now she back as this stupid Black Siren. I loved Katie Cassidy as Ruby in Supernatural, but now she seriously has to go.

5. The Big Bang Theory

Watched 3 episodes. “The Proton Regeneration” seemed quite boring to me, but I really enjoyed the 2 following episodes.

6. Siren

This is a new series that just came out. I watched the first two episodes and, so far I like it. It is quite dark,  with a less than idealistic view of the age-old legend of mermaids. I’m curious to see where this will go.

Seeing it like this I watch a whole lot more episodes I realize during one week. Then again, as I live alone, I usually watch them during my lunch and dinner, which quickly ads up.

Hope you enjoyed reading these mini-reviews. What series do you watch?

Kerensa J. Draumr.

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