If you haven’t heard or even seen the trailer of Game Night, you probably have been hiding under a rock… For those who just decided to rejoin the living, here is the trailer:

This trailer looks hilarious. I mean, this is a whole new level of competitiveness. I really looked forward to watching this film, so I was ecstatic when my friend suggested going to the movies.

Although the movie was generally enjoyable, I was disappointed and did not need a trip to the movie theater. The most hilarious moments were are cummulated in the trailer, which doesn’t leave much for the movie itself.

First of all, I thought the beginning was quite boring. Especially the conversation with the fertility doctor. The dialogue on itself was quite funny, but it was too long and eventually I was just waiting for the actual game night to begin. I love the energy Rachel McAdams and Jason Bateman portray throughout the movie, but sometimes the situation calls for them to tone it down and makes for unbelievable scenarios. The most notable one was towards the end of the movie where McAdams is face to face with a guy who is trying to kill her. Lucky as she is, the motor of the plane (which is conveniently situated behind the guy), turns on and he gets sucked into it and literally shredded. Okay, the guy was going to kill her, but if I witnessed something like that, I would be quite horrified. But McAdams first cried out happily and only afterwards said ‘Oh no, he died.’ That moment just seemed to fake. It would have suited the movie more if the guy didn’t die, but simply got knocked out some way.

The second thing that really bothered me and impaired me from really enjoying the movie were the constant twists between game night and real kidnapping. It starts of as a game night…. Oh no! It’s a real kidnapping….haha suckers I hijacked your game night…so it really is a game night…guess again I’m really here to kidnap you… At first it is funny, after a few times…not so much.

Generally speaking it is a nice enough movie, but rather for a quiet night in…

Kerensa J.


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